Thursday, April 12, 2012

Frolicking in the Human Energy Field

Einstein was kind enough to prove for us that everything is energy.  When you look closer and closer and closer at the stuff that makes up the universe (atoms) you discover that you end up with what appears to be empty space.  Empty space that is vibrating.  Energy is information that vibrates.  As They Might Be Giants taught my children, there's only one everything.  That means we're part of everything.  That means we're energy.  That means we vibrate.  Each thing not only vibrates, but vibrates at its own particular frequency.  Groups of similar things vibrate at similar frequencies.  The vibration of a thing determines how it's organized into form.  The more complex organisms, like us humans, vibrate at a much higher frequency than, say, a table.  As we vibrate at higher and higher frequencies, we organize ourselves as purer forms of energy.

Too much?  I know, I get excited and I start talking really fast.  So, you ask, if we're all just energy why is there even form at all?  I thought Dr. Sue Morter explained this very well when she said that physical form is compressed energy.  Further, she said "there is no basic element to life, there is only form.  We participate in that with our beliefs and our thoughts".  Oh, snap, it's all going to boil down to that "think positive!" crap that at best is ambiguous and at worst leads to entire company that produces posters of photographs captioned with hollow aphorisms.  No, it's not, mostly because every thought we have is actually perceived by the energy around us as positive, but that's a whole other post. 

What I'm getting at here is this - when our thoughts and emotions (or beliefs, which tend to be emotional at their roots) take a downturn toward things like anger and shame, we begin to vibrate less like the grand expression of form our potential belies, and a lot more like a table.  Or worse - our form takes on elements like anxiety, exhaustion, aches, pains, and eventually disease.  Yes, every ailment has an energetic cause and every treatment  for every ailment, has an energetic response.  As Cyndi Dale states in her book The Subtle Body, "even prescription drugs work energetically, altering vibrations through chemical information that instructs cellular behavior".

Reiki is one of those energetic responses.  It engages our human energy field and attempts to raise the vibrations of its recipients to a level that will express a healthier form.  A healthy human being.  What I see Reiki doing for most people, is compelling a sense of calm.  As a Reiki recipient receives this energy, the physical body can begin to loose its grip, turn off the fight or flight response that is all too frequently aroused in us all.  When that happens, even for brief periods, our internal focus is freed up from high alert for intruders, to deal with the disorganization that is within it.  This is how we are able to heal.  The great thing about Reiki here, is that nothing invasive is required for it to work.  Neither practitioner or recipient are required to know the cause of a problem for the energy to assist in the healing process, which is also nice.  Even before you rush out to get some Reiki, be mindful of how you're feeling emotionally.  When you find yourself stressed, irritable, angry or sad, note it.  See if you can trace the emotion back to its cause or at the very least, observe it in yourself and know that you always have the ability to change that emotion by redirecting your thoughts toward anything that makes you feel any bit better.  Start there, in your quest for your best health.

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  1. Well done. Looking forward to future posts!