Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gut Feelings

I apologize for the absence, but I'm back now.  So, where were we?  Oh yes, moving on up to the solar plexus chakra.  I think we all have a spot we think of as home inside ourselves.  Our cliches have real meaning and it's not for nothing that we so often say things like "she lives in her head" or "I just know it in my heart!" or that something "catches in my throat".  Daily events send us each to the various chakras where our strongest response to an incoming stimulus stirs.  My solar plexus chakra, located, as one would certainly hope, directly over the solar plexus (base of the sternum, where the ribs meet, a few inches above the belly button), is where I live, so to speak.  Or, rather, it has been for the past couple years.  No says I can't or won't relocate; it's almost certain I will. 

This chakra, yellow in color, has sway over the adrenals and pancreas.  It's also related to the immune and nervous systems and is a big player in the digestive system.  Bear in mind that digestion not only refers to our ability to breakdown food and use its nutrients, but that we also use this word to describe how we handle thoughts and ideas.  It's no surprise, then, to learn that the solar plexus chakra is considered a person's power center.  Just as we digest our food - determining what should be discarded and what can be put to use and how - we digest the details of our very existence.  I resisted naming this post for a song but if I had named it for the tune it causes me to hum, you'd be hearing Oingo Boingo's Who Do You Want To Be? right now.  But you see, I was good, and didn't do it.  Still, this is a question we mull over in our solar plexus chakra.  Our level of confidence, our willingness or lack thereof to suffer fools, our desire to get up and go - all smolders in our gut.  Ever suffer a major letdown of some sort and feel like you've been punched in the gut?  Energetically, you have. 
This is you, with your 3rd chakra balanced.  Awesome like a hotdog.

Keeping the solar plexus chakra balanced and happily spinning away is the best way to be sure you assert yourself in the world; that you confidently occupy the space you want here.  On a physical level, issues of the adrenals and digestion are a pretty good indicator that this chakra is out of balance, and addressing the energy portion of these symptoms is the genesis to alleviating them.  It is not the only method for healing, of course, but if you do not work on the energy portion of what ails you, you will certainly experience other symptoms in and around the same area, until you do.   

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